Garage Storage Ideas

Slatwall Storage for the Win!

Believe it or not, the main reason people invest in efficient garage storage solutions is not simple aesthetics. It’s safety. According to the Lehigh Group, a Philadelphia manufacturer of garage organizers, 40% of respondents have tripped over items in their garages and over 20% say they had hit something in the garage with their cars. […]

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Garage Storage Ideas — something for everyone!

Below you will find a step-by-step guide that’s chock-full of garage storage ideas. We hope you will simply take what works for you from the list and leave the rest for someone else. There’s truly something for everyone! Basically, we are going to look at the SPACE you have for storage and the STUFF you […]

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Winches For Your Garage

Some people call them winches.  Some call them hoists.   Technically, there is a difference (winches being for PULLING and hoists being for LIFTING).  But most people think of them as the same thing. And, from a functional point of view, they are similar: a device giving you mechanical advantage in being able to lift (or […]

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Professional Installation vs Do It Yourself

Okay, you’ve sketched out what you want on that wall – some half cabinets, a workbench, some shelving, some drawers, and a pegboard for a few tools.  You’ve looked in catalogs or even window shopped at your local home improvement store.  You know what you want. You even know where to get it all.  Now […]

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Garage Overhead Storage Considerations

Garage overhead storage areas are best for bulky items that are infrequently needed.  Bulky or light items work best because the attachments holding the storage bin/platform to the ceiling cannot normally carry too much weight.   And “infrequently needed” is another key consideration because you often need a ladder (and moving the car out of […]

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