Custom Garage Cabinets – Famous Artists Spice Up Garage

Here’s a quick way to create custom garage cabinets.   Who says that the exterior of your garage cabinets needs to be a flat color? Boring! Why not take an idea used by designer Shiro Kuramata and have some fun? Rather than painting the doors of your cabinets a single color, why not use some famous picture or design? Or better yet, draw something yourself – use the cabinet doors as your own artistic canvas! This is definitely something to consider when planning for your garage storage cabinets or other garage storage solutions.

Custom Garage Cabinet by Kuramata, Cappellini collection

Kuramata’s Homage To Piet Mondrian

Kuramata created two cabinets (for the Cappellini collection) paying homage to the 20th century artist Piet Mondrian. The rectangular, geometric shapes are perfect for a garage cabinet door. And the colors can complement most any garage.

But why stop with that idea? How about a Jackson Pollock? After all, your paint splatters could be repurposed to high art! Or buy some poster of a Van Gogh or a Rembrandt … or anyone really … and adhere it to the garage cabinet door with some shellac (for wooden cabinets) or clear lacquer (for metal ones). See also Should Garage Cabinets Be Wood, Metal, Plastic or Other? Should Mona Lisa be on your paint locker?

Don’t forget that there are multiple cabinets to take care of. Let’s say you have two doors on workbench cabinets that are on the floor and two that are wall-mounted, just above the workbench. What four pictures might work together to form a coherent whole? Aces of spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds? The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Or maybe something whimsical, like a four quadrants of compass rose, showing NE, NW, SE and SW respectively.

When you consider planning out your entire garage cabinet system, don’t forget to add a touch of color this way, or a unique, personal touch.


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