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Here’s an easy riddle:  What’s the difference between garage shelving and all other kinds of shelving?

Know the answer?

Well, the answer is … “Nothing.”  There is no real difference. Shelving is shelving, and you can buy shelving intended for some other room of the house – or for industrial uses – and use it in your garage instead.

Seville Classics chrome garage shelving from Amazon

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That said, you’ll want the shelving for your garage to be sturdy if it has to carry a lot of weight, and the material used to construct the shelving unit should take a garage’s environmental considerations — heat, cold and moisture — into account.  Additionally, garage shelving should probably be DEEPER than the typical home bookshelf (16 inches to 24 inches deep, depending on your available space), and mobility can be a useful addition. We have the shelving unit pictured on the right (or something very similar, at least) in our garage, and it has served us well for 20+ years!

Because it’s relatively inexpensive when compared to the cost of storage cabinets, shelving should definitely be on your garage storage ideas list. You might look in a shelving store (here’s a handy online one – ShelveShop.com), either focusing on units designed especially for use in the garage or venturing into utility shelving that’s primarily intended for use in kitchen pantries or bedroom closets. Be sure to have your plan and space measurements on hand as you investigate your garage shelving options.

Shelves with their front edges fully supported can be either free-standing (on the floor and/or on wheels) or they can be mounted to the wall (the rear part being attached to the wall and the front being supported by vertical legs.)  These shelves work well for storing boxes, bins and heavier items.

adjustable wire shelves for your garage from amazon

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Wall-mounted shelves typically ride on brackets that extend out from the wall.  They tend to be less deep (usually less than 12 inches) and are intended to carry lighter items.  The brackets that hold the shelves can be permanently affixed to the wall or can be adjustable, as shown here.  The shelf itself can be fashioned from a variety of materials, and there are pros and cons for each.  Wood and MDF is less expensive and easier to maintain and paint.  Metal (typically a stainless steel) will resist moisture and temperature problems, and mesh shelves can allow air circulation and visibility.

Up to this point, we’ve been talking about traditional garage shelves – that is, shelving that sits fixed on the floor or is mounted to a garage wall. There are more exotic solutions you may want to consider, though, like a corner shelf. Solutions such as these are especially valuable when space is at a premium – that is, most people’s garages.

Rubbermaid corner garden tool shelf from Amazon

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Another good idea for utilizing often-wasted space is to mount a garage shelf above the door that leads into the house. You can support the front edge of the shelf with brackets extending upwards, higher on the wall or even suspended from the ceiling. (See our overhead garage storage discussion for more information.)

You can even “do it yourself” and build shelves, of course, either using an existing bookcase form or using wall brackets. You can even paint them the same color as the rest of your cabinets for a cohesive, complete and attractive storage solution. For all intents and purposes, shelves should be included in any garage, as they are perfect garage storage solutions for smaller items that need to be stored off the floor. Find the garage shelving system that works best for your space and your budget, go forth and organize your garage!

Important Note: The images above are from Amazon.com, and clicking them will present pricing information and customer comments about the individual products for your perusal. The products featured on GarageCabinetSense.com are some of our favorite garage organization solutions and, as you’ll see in the customer reviews, they’re well-liked by others, too.

If you prefer, you can also click this link >>>– garage storage cabinets and organization –<<< for a more inclusive list of Amazon’s offerings.


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