Popular Brands of Garage Cabinets

If you want to start a fight, just say which brand of garage cabinets YOU think is best! I have my preferences, but, bottom line, there are brands that might meet your particular needs better. We’ll mention the leaders here to give your search for “the perfect garage cabinet” a jump start.

First, though, try to make the following key decision because it might limit the brands you consider: Will you buy the cabinets in a local retail store or do you prefer to order online? Or, would you rather look at a major retailer’s online offerings and then look at your selection in the store before purchasing? If you want to actually see and touch before purchasing, you may want to limit your investigation to Lowes, Home Depot and Sears garage cabinets.

Another consideration along this same line is whether you’ll need help installing your garage cabinets. That’s often much easier to arrange with a local retail store. Alternatively, you might want to simply use a service such as craigslist to find a handyman to help with the installation since buying online often allows significant cost savings. The infographic below — a slide from a presentation about Amazon.com — illustrates that point quite effectively:

Amazon cost savings infographic

As promised, here are the major / leading brands you should consider, along with a bit of commentary and a link to a representative cabinet on Amazon or another website, if available. (The “$” amount in parentheses represents an estimate of street costs for a middle-sized wall cabinet.) We’re of the mind that organization and space utilization is the primary consideration; that is, a “garage cabinet” can be simply a cabinet in the garage; it does not have to be something exotic or expensive. On the other hand, there are some wonderful specialty cabinets to be had and almost surely something for everyone, whatever your needs or preferences.

  • Ameriwood – Ameriwood is known for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, but they make “multi-purpose cabinets” that work just fine in the garage. ($150)
    coleman garage cabinet set from amazon

  • Closet-Maid – Again, this company makes all sorts of storage products for inside the house (and closets) as well as wire and laminate products (white melamine, too) for the garage. ($150)
  • Coleman – Coleman makes private labeled cabinets for Lowe’s and Builder’s Square. Some Coleman products are metal, but many are MDF, so be sure to check. ($160)
  • Craftsman – The store-brand for Sears, known for tools, it’s not a surprise that Craftsman also sells garage cabinets, workbenches, and floor cabinets with tool-storage drawers. Most Craftsman models are made from heavy-duty steel construction with baked enamel finish. ($140)
  • Frontgate – Yes, this is the same Frontgate that makes beautiful furniture for your house. They have a line of steel garage cabinets, one with glass panels on the front doors. A bit pricey, but also nice. ($ N/A)
    Gladiator tall garage cabinet from Amazon

  • Gladiator GarageWorks – This modular garage storage system includes several different components (some that utilize a slot wall system which allows easy rearrangement and addition of new components if/when needs change). Like Frontgate, cabinets can be equipped with casters as shown in the Amazon image to the left.
  • Hercke – a collection of stainless steel and baked steel cabinets, drawers, and work surfaces — some on legs, some on wheels and a real mix ‘n match set of possibilities. ($219)
  • Husky – Available at Home Depot. Some are all steel construction and some are advertised as “metal front” – the latter being resin (synthetic) cabinets with metal doors. ($150 for the all steel; $80 for “metal front”)
  • Powell – the “hot rod collection” includes steel cabinets and a butcher block workbench. ($250)
  • PremiereGarage – garage storage solutions delivered by a nationwide network of specialty shops – and solutions range from custom-designed layouts to “standard cabinets” in a host of materials from maple to stainless to “powder-coated” (whatever that means) to melamine “cabinetry systems.”
  • Ulti-Mate – Two lines – Ulti-Mate and Ulti-Mate Pro, the latter being optimized for auto enthusiasts. Ulti-Mate cabinets are constructed from MDF with solid hardware and nice finishes. Middle-of the road options. ($120 – $185)
  • Vault – An upscale provider of garage storage systems.

Important Note: The images above are from Amazon.com, and clicking them will present pricing information and customer comments about the individual products for your perusal. The products featured on GarageCabinetSense.com are some of our favorite garage organization solutions and, as you’ll see in the customer reviews, they’re well-liked by others, too.

If you prefer, you can also click this link >>>– garage storage cabinets and organization —<<< for a more inclusive list of Amazon’s offerings.

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