The Best Storage Cabinets for Your Garage

Storage cabinets with doors are a popular garage storage solution because, by their very nature, they can mask unsightly home maintenance items we need to store. Typically, garage storage cabinets are used to house items like cleaning supplies and leftover paint – that is, items that can look like a cluttered jumble if left on an open shelf. Some homeowners opt for lockable storage cabinets to house toxic items, especially if there are children in the home (see example below).

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Everything we’ve said about garage shelving applies equally well to garage storage cabinets, with the added point that the doors and sides hide (and protect) the items inside.  That is, like shelving, heavier items should be stored lower, and stored items should be sorted into logical groups.  Boxes or bins can be used inside the cabinet to contain those groupings, and they can be labeled to further facilitate later access.

Because garage storage cabinets are enclosed, the interior space can contain more than a simple shelf. They can be subdivided into “cubbies” (useful when you want to maintain separation between items or different groups of items) or you might equip your shelves with drawers (as shown below) to organize smaller items like hardware or craft supplies.

small storage cabinet with drawers from amazon

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Sometimes a storage cabinet’s interior will take advantage of its supporting sides and allow for adjustable shelves. This can be very handy when you have some items which are larger than normal and some that are smaller. (You can click this link to read the highly complimentary reviews for the Prepac storage cabinet with adjustable shelves available on Amazon.)

A cabinet that stands on the floor and is over five or six feet in height is sometimes called a “closet” rather than a storage cabinet.  This type of storage unit might not have shelves at all; instead, the entire vertical space might be left open (designed to store garden tools or sports equipment) or equipped with a hanging bar across the top (useful, perhaps, for storing bulky off-season clothing). Here is an example of this type of storage cabinet / closet on Amazon.

When Are Storage Cabinets Better Choice Than Shelves?

Storage cabinets are typically a more expensive solution than shelves, so when should you spend the extra money and opt to use them instead of garage shelving?  There are three main reasons:

To Hide Clutter.  A set of shelves where all sorts of “stuff” is left visible is simply not aesthetically pleasing. Some people don’t care how their garages look; others do. There’s not one right-or-wrong answer, of course, but the reality is storage cabinets make garage look more organized and tidy.

To Protect Items from the Elements.  Garages are seldom heated or air conditioned.  Often doors are left open for long periods of time, and cars drive in wet from rain or snow. Given these environmental considerations (not to mention dirt, insects or other vermin), some of your items in storage may need protection.

For Safety’s Sake. Some commonly stored items really shouldn’t be left readily accessible — toxic chemicals, sharp tools or BB guns, for example — especially if there are children living in or visiting your home. For these items, lockable storage cabinets are strongly recommended.

Important Note: The images above are from, and clicking them will present pricing information and customer comments about the individual products for your perusal. The products featured on are some of our favorite garage organization solutions and, as you’ll see in the customer reviews, they’re well-liked by others, too.

If you prefer, you can also click this link >>>– garage storage cabinets and organization –<<< for a more inclusive list of Amazon’s offerings.


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