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Slatwall Storage for the Win!

Believe it or not, the main reason people invest in efficient garage storage solutions is not simple aesthetics. It’s safety. According to the Lehigh Group, a Philadelphia manufacturer of garage organizers, 40% of respondents have tripped over items in their garages and over 20% say they had hit something in the garage with their cars. […]

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The Best Storage Cabinets for Your Garage

Storage cabinets with doors are a popular garage storage solution because, by their very nature, they can mask unsightly home maintenance items we need to store. Typically, garage storage cabinets are used to house items like cleaning supplies and leftover paint – that is, items that can look like a cluttered jumble if left on […]

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Garage Storage Ideas — something for everyone!

Below you will find a step-by-step guide that’s chock-full of garage storage ideas. We hope you will simply take what works for you from the list and leave the rest for someone else. There’s truly something for everyone! Basically, we are going to look at the SPACE you have for storage and the STUFF you […]

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About Garage Shelving

Here’s an easy riddle:  What’s the difference between garage shelving and all other kinds of shelving? Know the answer? Well, the answer is … “Nothing.”  There is no real difference. Shelving is shelving, and you can buy shelving intended for some other room of the house – or for industrial uses – and use it […]

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Innovative Garage Cabinet Solution – Garage Cabinets On Rails

One of the newest innovations in garage cabinet storage is using a “rail” system and modular storage units that hook onto the rails.  Garage rail systems provide great flexibility and durability.  And you can easily install everything yourself.  The rails are composed of heavy-gauge steel with mounting screws set every 16 inches.  You simply find […]

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